Corporate Governance

Biser Georgiev

Chairman of Board of Directors

Executive Director


Graduated from the Technical University of Odessa and the Medical University of Pleven in Healthcare Management. Has over 20 years of experience in the scope of healthcare and is distinguished with high-profile expertise in the realization of numerous project. Has acquired complementary specializations and qualifications in advanced management.
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Krasimir Videlov

Production Director


Master of Pharmacy from the Medical University of Sofia. Takes part in the design, construction, commissioning and development of the manufacturing capacities in Varna and Plovdiv. He is the first production director of the company. Specialized in pharmaceutical technologies and GMP and has over 34 years of experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing.
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Vasil Pavlov

Head of Production in Plovdiv


Graduated in engineering, specialized in micro-processor technologies. Part of the Tchaikapharma team since the establishment of Plovdiv production. Masters technical specifics and participates in the establishment, commissioning and daily functioning of machines and manufacturing units in the second plant of the company. Has great technical and managing experience.
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Nikolay Nedyalkov

Head of Production in Varna


Master of engineering. Part of Tchaikapharma’s team since establishment of the initial production in Varna. Possesses excellent engineering and management skills. An effective participant in the establishment, commissioning and managing of the plant’s sterile production capacities. Acquired numerous complementary qualifications from leading European pharma equipment manufacturers. IMA Safe Course.
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Katya Kaneva

Head of Quality Assurance


Master of pharmacy and a chemical engineer. Has long standing experience in quality control, analysis and assurance in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Participates in formation of the quality system in Tchaikapharma. Engages in tutorial seminars about compliance with current requirements in pharmaceutical legislation. Carries out audits on raw material suppliers from Bulgaria and abroad.
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