The prosperity of Tchaikapharma High Quality Medicines Inc is built upon true respect for the patient and a lasting bond with physicians. With a current list of around 100 molecules, we are widely accepted as a reliable partner of Bulgarian physicians, specialized in both generic and in-licensed manufacturing.


Tchaikapharma is one of the leading regional drug manufacturers. We are distinguished for quality and contemporaneity. We add value thanks to our sustainable quality expertise, stringent adherence to GMP standards and broad informative campaigns to raise public awareness of various diseases. We invest in medical publications and continuing advanced medical education. We are responsible for presenting the most advanced molecules at accessible prices and providing everyone in need with quality healthcare.


Tihomir Kamenov – founder and chairman of the supervisory board in Commercial League, together with Prof. Toni Vekov found “Tchaikapharma High Quality Medicines” Inc. Architectural bureau “Helvetia” is entrusted with the construction project of our first plant in Varna. After undergoing a GMP inspection by the Bulgarian Drug Agency, Tchaikapharma is granted manufacturing permit. Krasimir Videlov – an ambitious specialist in pharmaceutical technologies becomes the first manufacturing director.


Successful completion of the first GMP audit. Commences the production of Tchaikapharma’s first registered own products: Bromazepam, Verapimil, Ranitidine, Nifedipine that are also the first products in Bulgaria produced based on the modern Formpack technology – blister entirely of aluminium, which prevents tablet cracking and melting as well as degradation of the active substance. Hence, preserving absolute therapeutic effect throughout the full medicine lifetime.


Novel products are incorporated into our product portfolio. Dedicated to outpatient and inpatient medical care, they inspire physicians and patients, and contribute to recognition of the Thacikapharma brand as a symbol of quality and accessibility. Laboratory equipment for batch quality control, are modernised. The company amplifies its market through the new products Allersan (cetirizine dihydrochloride), Jamax (selegiline hydrochloride), Korincare (nifedipine) and Pentoxifyllin-Tchaikapharma (pentoxifyllin).

2005 - 2006

Match 17th 2005 is the opening of the second manufacturing plant of Tchaikapharma. The president George Parvanov is guest of honour. The event is attended by celebrities from various economic sectors, as well as representatives of pharmaceutical giants that take an interest in entrusting the company with a portion of their production. The equipment in both plants are exceptionally high-tech and in compliance with the latest and most stringent pharmaceutical manufacturing requirements. This ensures an environment by default sterile for all processes and manipulations. The exact same year, Tchaikapharma unveils a monument dedicated to the officers, sergeants and soldiers fallen in the battle of Slivnitse during the Serbian-Bulgarian war.

2007 – 2008

A monument unveiled by Tchaikapharma and the vice-president Angel Marin commemorates 1090 years since Tsar Simeon the Great’s victory near the Aheloy River. Torrex Chiesi carries out a GMP audit which indicates once again compliance with the highest standards. Commences the production of Pamitor (disodium pamidronate).


CentroQueen (quetiapine) – a medicine schizophrenia treatment, is launched onto the market. Depoxat (paroxetine), Felodipine-Tchaikapharma (felodipine) and Letrofemin (letrozole) are also registered.


Commences an expansion of the base – manufacturing area of 1026 m2 supplied with granulators, dry mixers, tableting and packaging equipment for solid state drugs dosing. Together both plants complete the packaging of 280 million tablets annually. Tchaikapharma, Bulgarian Cardiac Institute and Health Insurance Fund DallBogg: Life and Health every year organize science congress that unite cardiologists, cardio-surgeons, intensivists, GPs and emergency doctors from four continents. The National Congress of Cardiology and Cardio-Surgery in 2010 gathers over 400 specialist in the Medical University in Pleven.


The Tableting Department in Tchaikapharma is granted a manufacturing license by the Bulgarian Drug Agency. Technological transfer of over 80 product is started, which is to be continued in the next two years. An R&D laboratory is built in Sofia, which maintains technologies integrated into the production and development of new products, complemented with a bioequivalence laboratory at a later stage. Furthermore, a clinical trials department is established.


As a company that records growth according to the indicators of “Profit” and “Own Capital”, Tchaikapharma is classified amongst Bulgarian Business Leaders. Compared to the previous year, the company’s profit has grown by 16%, whilst the average rate of 7.3% for the remaining companies in this class. Tchaikapharma goes public – the books are registered at the Bulgarian Stock Exchange, which leads us to becoming the biggest public company in the country.


The first half of 2016 Tchaikapharma accounts net profit of BGN 4.5 million with a positive financial result of BGN 3.9 million. License is granted for manufacturing of dry sterile falcons for parenteral administration. Tchaikapharma is distinguished as one of the most profitable and influential companies by the prestigious “300 Business Leaders in Bulgaria” ranking. Amarhyton by Tchaikapharma is awarded the best Bulgarian Rx medical product.


Upgrading of packaging lines with serialization machines and tamper evidence is launched, along with a new IT infrastructure set up according to the requirements of Delegation Regulation (EU) 2016/161. Successful integration of the contemporary serialization and tracking system leads Tchaikapharma to an excellence award in the “Solutions Provider” field at the prestigious PHARM Connect congress in Budapest. IQVIA – a leading global analysis company counts Tchaikapharma amongst the Rx medicines market leaders in 2019.


In the year marked by COVID-19 – the first modern pandemic, Tchaikapharma provided access to therapy to thousands of Bulgarians suffering from rheumatoid diseases by producing and receiving approval for MoriVid (hydroxychloroquine sulfate).