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A Day in the Life of a Head of Production in Tchaikapharma High Quality Medicines Inc


My name is Krasimir Videlov and I have been working in Tchaikapharma High Quality Medicines Inc since 18 years. I have over 35 years of experience in the pharma sector – practically my whole life. I graduated the Faculty of Pharmacy at Medical University Sofia. I am currently the Head of Production.


My day begins with checking the available quantities of medicines in the company warehouse in Sofia. Then I attend to the reports of the heads of the Tchaikapharma plants in the cities of Varna and Plovdiv about the manufacturing process and any related problems within. I hold discussions with the Qualified Person and the Quality Control about the assays and any possible corrections, if needed.


With the Logistics Department I coordinate the deliveries, the changes in schedule and the management of delays. We check the orders and the time needed to fulfill them. I also keep track of the packaging materials printing and due delivery.


Together with the Regulatory Department and the Business Development Department we coordinate the new dossiers and the new deliveries of bulk product, also the necessary changes in the Marketing Authorization, and technical agreements, packages, etc.


After discussing with the vendors the sales plan, I communicate the matter to the heads of the plants in Varna and Plovdiv with regard to the latest changes of deliveries, the customs clearance and the demand. Sometimes I hold meetings with suppliers and representatives of the national regulatory bodies.


In my work it is crucial to follow the standards for good manufacturing and good distribution practice and to apply the EU directives and requirements. I stay informed daily about current news in the pharma sector and about any international and national regulations and remedies.