• Tchaikapharma supports the global initiative “Stand up to Cancer”

    July 3, 2023

    “Tchaikapharma is the first Bulgarian organization to support the Stand Up To Cancer initiative. What was your motivation and why now?


    SU2C is massively supported by the entertainment industry and leading global media with a very critical and self-critical view on the funding and implementation of scientific programs and research. With one important exception for now – we are not developing drugs to treat cancer, but we have a very advanced concept of the key place of complex generics (‘polypills’) in the mainstream therapeutic palette. As Dr Scott Gottlieb, Director of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has said, ‘they are the future of pharmaceutical care’. So to get to mass and affordable treatment of the already epidemic, even pandemic, growth of cancer, we need an epidemic and even pandemic mobilization of resources – financial, scientific, manufacturing. A number of research breakthroughs are needed that the pharmaceutical industry cannot achieve on its own, let alone quickly – in years, not decades. Tchaikapharma shares SU2C’s approach and believes in its impact factor in all directions from fundraising to program selection and implementation.


    You can read the full interview here.